Gemini Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Gemini born Ascendant have black eyes and curled hair. He will have elevated nose. He will be inclined
towards flirting with women. He knows other thoughts. He is fond of music and dancing. He always like
to lives in bedroom.

Jatak Parijat

Native of Gemini ascendant is Bhogi (means enjoying materialistic happiness). He will be fond of
relatives means inclination towards relatives. He is very kind, intelligent and having good popularity
regarding honour. He has good qualities. He has good knowledge of any matters or elements or scientific knowledge. He is a good person just like Yogi. He is dear to good man. He is very fortunate but he has weak health.


The native born in Gemini ascendant he will be get dear wife. He may loves ornaments, charity and sexual intercourse. He will be honorable and good in communication. He will have two mothers. He will be capable to win over his enemies by his kindness. He will be skillful in music, arts and fine arts or architecture. He knows the meaning of shruti(ved, vedanga or oral knowledge) and sastra( means learned and scholar). He will be Jolly in nature and poetry minded. He will be pleasant in nature. He will be interested in makeup and entertainment and sexuality. He will be truthful and egoistic. He will intolerance in  nature. He will has destructive or evil children. He will be fraudulent in nature.He will have less relatives. His body limbs may be irregular in size. He will have round and appealing eyes. He will be firecy in appearance. He will destroy his weak enemies. He will be endowed with property, gems and jewellery. He will be religious and taking deep in holy river.


Gemini ascendant native likes to be gets respect by others. He will be inclined towards in talking and
giving gifts. His mind runs good in music, singing, sacred traditions
(smrti), laughter, learning, the meaning of the sciences, and the meaning of poetry.
He has so much desire for beauty, ornaments, and sexual intercourse. He may be a truthful and eloquent  man who is the most honourable of good men. He has two mothers and two natures. He is a. courteous  person whose limbs are too few or too many and whose eye-lashes are ugly.
He will be a pure and well mannered man who is beloved among the elders.His family and possessions  are unsteady and insignificant. He is impatient of insult. He has a noble descent.
He will be handsome in looks but behavior in rogue. He has evil sons and few relatives. He has many wives and big and cruel family.He is lazy with respect to righteousness (dharma). He destroy his power less enemies.
He will be fond of buying of jewelry. He will be experts in making profits and use his profits.He will travelling over water. He will like magic spells. But he will be careless regarding own money.
He will give up his lands, woollens, goats, sheep, and objects of gold. He will be lazy man who suffering
the anger of the king. He may be dies because of animals, forests, carnivorous beasts, or oceans, or
from being surrounded in the water.

Vridha Yavanjatak 

The Gemini Ascendant native will be nobel in behavior.He has knowledge of science and Inclination towards  knowledge of sastra(traditional classical book). He is always ready to welcome own family or honorable  among own relatives.He may be destroy others man(enemies). He has control over his all sense. He will have many types of wealth.

Bhavratna Ratnakar

1. Sun and Mercury is placed in Leo sign in 3rd house gives fortunated results in Mercury’s dasa.

– 1st lord and 3rd Lord in 3rd house and from here Mercury aspects 9th house. Native will be rise through his self efforts during Mercury Dasha.
2. Venus-Moon-Mars conjunction in Cancer sign in 2nd house results in wealth during the Venus dasa.

– All 3 planet makes a good wealth yog because combination of 5th + 2nd + 11th house lord. And
Venus is only beneficial for Gemini Ascendant.
3. There will be mixed results during Saturn dasa if Mars is in Cancer, with Moon and Saturn in Capricorn.

– Because it shows wealth may be good but health is not good.
4. In above planetary placement, Mars promise wealth during his dasa.

– Mars is making wealth yog. But health is not good. Also Mars in Neechbhang yog.
5. If Mars and Saturn are in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, the native’s prosperity and wealth get mostly  destroyed during the dasas of Mars and Saturn. But some money may returns.

– Actually in above case 6th and 8th lord in 2nd house which is not consider good again wealth lord Moon in 8th is also not good. But as both Saturn and Mars are lord or 11th and 9th so some financial benefits may also produce.
6. Moon is the lord of 2nd but Moon isn’t a maraka.

– Mars may be main marak.
7. When Saturn is in Aquarius and Mars-Moon conjunction in Aries then it’s powerful dhana yoga.

– 9th lord in 9th and aspects 2nd and 11th house lord in 11th house so Mars Moon combination (as a Dhan yog) become more powerful.
8. If Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the
dasas of Jupiter and Saturn.
9. When Mercury is in Aries sign then it is indicating misunderstandings with elder brother.

– Mercury is not consider good in house of Mars and 11th house belong to elder brother so it may
cause argument with elder brother.

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