Pisces Ascendant According Classical Book Of Astrology


Pisces Ascendant native will be drinking water or water type drink very much. He has even and charming physique. He will be fond of his own wife. He will obtaining wealth through water related products. He will enjoying materialistic happiness of worlds or in simple words he will be Bhogi. He will be scholar. He wii give respect of others help. He will get victory over his enemies. He will be friendly in nature. He has good looking eyes. He will be fortunate.

Jataka Parijat 

Pisces Ascendant native will be not so much interested in Sexual intercourse. He will has limited enemies. He will be social to society. He will have enough braveness, strength, wealth and foods. He will be scholar.


Pisces Ascendant native will be fortunate. He has good charming nose and eyes. He has good knowledge of science and literature. He will be intelligent, honorable and respectable. He has good wealth. He has good name and fame.

He has elevated lips and belly. He will be tormented. He will be suffering from leprosy. He will have afflicted face. He will be charitable. He will be trustworthy person. He will be endowed with good, she goats etc. He will be pure from heart and pure conduct. He has knowledge of veds and vedanga. He will be courageous. He will have more daughters. He will be modest and gentlemen. He will be mighty. He has good knowledge of music and sexual behavior.  He will be virtuous and liberal. He will gain through his brothers. He has good relatives.

If Pisces is in the ascendant, the native is a wealthy man with expanded nostrils and bright eyes. He acts with brilliance and honour. His mouth is open and whose lips and teeth protrude. He will be a  leper who desires food, flesh, and drink.
He is a courteous man who delights in purity, sacred traditions (sruti), and good conduct. His  intellect is perfect and who is addicted to firmness and courage. He will be an expert in music, sexual intercourse with women, and ornaments. His mind is developed regarding the sciences and the
meaning of poetry.
He is a man whose glory is obtained by means of his courtesy, honour, and reverence. He is impatient of injury and possesses confidence and courage. He is a man with a family whose strength is swollen by goats and sheep. He is a rich fellow, steadfast to his wife and having a wealth of servants.
He has more daughters and whose relatives practice many crafts. His enemies are vile and terrible, but whose wife is gentle and lovely. He follows righteousness (dharma)
and has a phlegmatic and windy temperament. He is intent on prominent actions.
His wealth tends to diminish, but who has much iron (loha) and grain. His body is weakened by wild animals, wanderings, diseases of the heart, and poison. He may be killed by such things as illnesses and fevers, drugs, or diseases of the genitals, or by prominent men, or by
Vridh Yavanjatakm 

Pisces ascendant native will be well in behavior just like royal person. He has enough money and many types of wealth. He has little hair.  He will be liberal and having good self respect. He will be not thinking so much regarding future but not idiots.

Bhavratna Ratnakar
1. While Venus in 12th produces benefic results for all other ascendants, this isn’t the case for either Pisces or Aquarius Ascendant.
2. Saturn in Aquarius is good means in 12th house. However, if Moon is in Aquarius, the native suffers
poverty (though this effect may reduced in Jupiter dasa, Moon antardasha or vice versa.)
3. Jupiter in Cancer(in 5th house) will bestow more daughters than sons.
4. If Moon is in Aries(in 2nd house) and Mars in Cancer(5th house), Moon’s dasa brings wealth due to Parivartan yog which cause wealth yog.
5. If Moon and Mars are in Capricorn(11th house), Jupiter in Leo(6th house), Venus in Libra(8th house) and Saturn in Scorpio(9th house), the native will be highly fortunate.
6. A Moon-Mercury-Mars combine in Capricorn is an indicator of wealth and conveyances. Because it is making a good Rajyog and wealth yog.
7. If Saturn and Moon are in lagna(in Pisces Sign), Mars in Capricorn(in 11th house) and Venus in Leo(6th house), predict fortune for the native.
8. If Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Mars are in lagna(in Pisces Sign), the dasas of these planets bring in immense fame, power and prosperity.
9. Jupiter posited in Sagittarius(10th house) certainly causes a rajayoga.
10. If Moon is in Taurus(3rd house), Sun in Leo(6th house), Mercury in Virgo(7th house), Venus in Libra(8th house), Jupiter in Sagittarius (10th house), Saturn in Aquarius(12th house) and Mars in Capricorn(11th house), there’ll be much fortune to
the native. Even if one or two of these combinations are absent, there’ll still the full effects of a rajayoga.

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