Sun And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Sun and Saturn Conjunction

1)Sun and Saturn is consider enemy to each other, so this yuti of planet is not consider so much good. Even this may cause for Pitridosh.

2) Sun is karak of health and Saturn is karak of disease so this combination may be not good for health. Native may be suffering from bones related issues. Native may be suffering from body pain. Native may be suffering from gastric related issues. Native may be suffering from heart related issues. Native may be suffering from fever.

3) Sun is karak of father and saturn with Sun is indicating, native’s father may be facing a lots of hardship in his life. His father health may be weak. His father may be getting many opportunity in his life regarding profession but may be not able to grab his opportunity. There may be misunderstanding with native and his father.

4)Saturn is karak of profession and Sun is karak of father so native may join his father’s profession. Sun is karak of government so native may be doing profession related to government. This combination may also cause for dispute with government or boss when any sort of negative impact on this combination. Native may facing tax related issues.

5) Sun and Saturn combination makes native political minded. Native may be interested in politics.

6) Native may be very crooked person. His ego is always heated and suffering from humiliation. Due to which, he will take wrong attempts. He may be assumed a person with bad moral conduct.

7)As per as classical native may be expert in metallurgy. His live hood may be based on metal ports.

8) Sun with Saturn is indicating, native may be always wants to work independently. He doesn’t like any body interfere in his work. He may be hard worker. He always thinks about own works only.

9) Native’s may has lack of happiness of wife and Son. He may has issues regarding child birth or may has delay in child birth. He may be getting son after faithful remedy of God.

10) Native may be brave. He will carry name and fame of his forefather.


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