Moon And Rahu Conjunction

Effect of Moon and Rahu Conjunction

1) Moon and Rahu conjunction is known as Grahan Yoga. This is not consider good regarding mental stage of native.

2) Native may be over-smart. He doesn’t have a stability in his mind. He may be confused from mind and probably taking wrong decision due to rahu effect on mind.

3)Native will use his mind in unnecessary things. He may be secretive by nature. He doesn’t open own self in front of any body. But always try to take others secret in his own hands.

4)Native may be suffering from abdominal problems, such as gastric or live related issues. He may be suffering from blood infection related to virus. His disease may be not easily diagnosed.

5) His mother may has health related issues. Moon and rahu yuti may be dangerous for his mother. His mother may be seems to pleasing in nature and center of attraction for others. She may be dear to all but internally crooked by nature.

6)His grandfather may be lives around watery place or he may be change his birth place. His grandfather may has many travelling.

7) Native may has fear or danger from water. Native may be suffering from food poisons. He may be suffering from snacks etc. He may be suffering from any sort of water related disease.

8) Native may has inclinations towards black magic. Native may has inclinations towards tantric actives. Native may easily comes under influence of evil sprit. As per our guru, native may has danger about such type of evil energy at dark moon night( specially area having negative energy).

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