Mars And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction

1) Mars and Ketu conjunction is indicating native may be very very energetic. He may be very aggressive in action. Some time due to his aggression, he can take wrong action.

2) Native may be very brave person. He may be adventurous by nature. He will gambler and risk taking ability.

3) Native may be excess proudness. He will shows more power but actually he doesn’t have such level or power. Means false show off of his power.

4) He may be very angry young man. Native may be natural fighter. If any body hurt him, then he will be violent. He may be a very bad revenge taker.

5) Native may be short tamper.He may be suffering from blood pressure. His body has excess heat. He may be suffering from skin rashes. He may facing cuts, accidents and surgery. He may has lack of hemoglobin. He has danger from fire.

6) Mars is younger sibling and ketu is natural karak of detachment. So native may has lack of attachment with his younger brother. Brother may be suffering from health issues and wealth issues.

7) Native’s maternal grandfather may be powerful person. He has bold and forward attitude.

8) In a female chart, her husband be spiritual person. He doesn’t much interested in materialistic world. He may has good fame.

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