Venus And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Venus And Saturn Conjunction

1) Venus And Saturn are friends to each other so conjunction of Venus and Saturn is assumed good. Native may be starting earning from early age.

2) Venus is natural karak of money and Saturn is natural karak of profession, so native may be earning very good from his profession. He may be successful in his profession. Venus and Saturn conjunction is very good dhan yoga.

3) Venus is natural karak of wife and Saturn is natural malefic which is cause for delay, so native may has late marriage. Native may has some sort of misunderstanding with his wife. But positive factor is native may be fortunate regarding money matters after his marriage. Native’s wife may be working woman or lucky for his profession.

4) In a female chart, native may be working woman. She has good success in his profession. She may has cold and cough issues. She has issues with husband due to her attitude. She may be lazy but work oriented.

5) Native may be in profession related to financial dealing. Native may be deals in luxurious or fashion related matters. Native may be architecture. He may be skillful.

6) Native may has eye sight issues. He may be be faithful in nature.

7) Native may has happiness of vehicles. He may like long lasting vehicles. If associated with another natural malefic then may cause for vehicle accidents.

8)As per as classical native may be expert in woods related things. So Native can do very well in home decorations.

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