Sun And Moon Conjunction In Fifth House

Sun And Moon Conjunction In Fifth House

1) Before Knowing the effect of Sun and Moon Conjunction in 5th house we have to know about Sun in 5th house, Moon in 5th house and Sun and Moon conjunction.

2) Native may be emotional and sensitive. He may be short in temper and rigid in behavior. He will shows aggressive nature. He may be egoistic and having boss type attitude. He may be internally crooked.

3) Native may be intelligent. He has clear and very good logical ability. He has very good learning capacity. But he can’t finished any knowledge properly. But he may be skillful.

4)Native may has some sort of issues in child birth. He has more girl kids. He has lack of happiness with his kids. Some sorts of thoughts difference with kids is possible. His one of any kids may has very good post and positions.

5) Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from abdominal or digestive issues. Native may be suffering from liver related issues. He may easily comes under influence of session change or climate change.

6) Native has good knowledge of occult. He may be very good in speculations. He has very good commands on mantra.

7) Native may has support from governments. He may be in governments jobs. He may be work as secretariat or ministerial post. He may be diplomat or interested in politics.

8)Native may be wealthy but suffering from financial crisis. He may has unstable profession.

9)Native has suspected personality. He may be suffering from humiliations.

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