Sun And Moon Conjunction In Ninth House

Effect Of Sun and Moon Conjunction in 9th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Moon conjunction in 9th house, we have to know about Sun in 9th house, Moon in 9th house and Sun and Moon Conjunction.

2) Native may be emotional and Short in temper. He may be ambitious and egoistic by nature. He may be arrogant and crocked. He may be brave.

3) Native may be religious and spiritual by nature. He has strong faith on God. He may be visited religious shrine and holly river.

4) Native may be knowledgeable person. He may be skillful. He may has good name and fame. He may speaks in very powerful ways. He may be getting help by friends ad relatives.

5)Native may has good respect for his father. His father may be emotional. His father may change his birth place. His father may has many travelling. Native’s father may has health problem. Native may has logical difference with his father.

6)Native may be sensual by nature. Native may has issues in his marriage life. Native may be facing problems in child birth. He has good happiness through his kids.

7) Native may be wealthy. He has hard earned money. He may be suffering from financial crisis. He has unstable fortune. Native may be getting parental property. He has good property.

8) Native may be suffering from mental stress. Native may be easily comes under influence of climate change. He may be suffering from digestive problem.

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