Sun And Mars Conjunction In Ninth House

Sun and Mars Conjunction in 9th house

1) Before knowing effect of Sun and Mars Conjunction in 9th house we have to know about Sun in 9th house, Mars in 9th house and Sun and Mars conjunction.

2) Native may has good charming personality. He may be brave and very energetic person. He may be ambitious and full with ego. He may be cruel and wicked by nature. He has short temper.

3) Native may be religious by nature. He may be active in religious activities. He will go to religious visits. Native may be interested towards getting knowledge of religious and spiritual things. He may be very good religious speaker. He may be famous for his religious or spiritual speech. He may has very good healing capacity.

4) Native may be wealthy. He may be getting his fortune via own hard work and own efforts. He may be either government officer or having good support via government. He will accumulate good property. He may getting parental property.

5) Native’s father may has health related problem. He may has some sort of issues with his father. Such as native and his father may has thoughts differences or misunderstanding. Native may lives away from his father. If Sun and Mars is badly placed in 9th house then cause for early death of his father. His father may be angry in temperament.

6) Native doesn’t has a happy marriage life. He may has issues with his wife. Native may has son. He will get name and fame via his son. His son may be getting good success and name & fame and power & positions.

7)Native’s ways of communication may be authoritative. He may speak just like boss. He believes in punishment on another faults. He may has foreign travelling. Native may be very rigid by nature. His rigidness may cause for own self goal.

8) Native may be suffering from over heating, fever or skin rashes. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from heart problem.

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