Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In First House

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 1st house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Sun in 1st house, Jupiter in 1st house and Sun and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome person having fair color. His personality has natural magnetic attraction and sincere by look. He has well mentioned physique and tall in height. He has sound health.

3) Native may be wise and intelligent. He may be sincerer in behavior. He may be sattavic in nature, helpful for others and honest in behavior. He may be reputed and knowledgeable person. He has royal, noble and kind nature.

4) Native may be full with self proudness and self respect. He may be assume own self as a boos and wants other may serve him and give respect to him. He may be lazy by nature and his desires is that “get some one who do their work”  just king gets benefits of servants.

5) Native may has good administrative power. He may getting support by authority and government. He may be good adviser or counselor. He has habits to punish others when he find others faults. He may be natural leader. He has good energy.

6) Native may be religious by nature. He knows the true meaning and modern knowledge of dharma. He may be faithful and having good faith on God. But he doesn’t follow any things from close eyes. He may be adventurous and modern attitude for Dharma.

7) Native may be wealthy. He has good success in his life. He may be active for doing his own responsibility.

8) Apart from native, his father and son may be also a reputed person. Native may be blessing of son.

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