Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In Fourth House

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 4th house

1)Before Knowing the effect of Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 4th house, we have to know about Sun in 4th house, Jupiter in 4th house and Sun and Jupiter conjunction.

2)Native may be wise and intelligent. He may be full with self respect and proudness.  He may be peaceful from mind. He may be wealthy and having all sort of royal and good materialistic comfort.

3) Native may be in government jobs. He may be getting profit from authority. He may be reputed person and his relative may be also having relationship with royal authority. He may also friendship with knowledgeable and authoritative person. He may be adviser of King and administration and also dear to them.

4) Native may be reputed person and having good name and fame. He has good social fame. He may be philosopher by nature. He may be interested in politics.

5) Native’s mother may has royal and administrative nature. She may be religious lady. She has good relationship with native. She is sincere and wise. Native’s son may be respected and famous. Overall we can say his family background may be decent.

6) Native will have good property and profit and comfort from property. Native will get his parental property.

7) Native will getting good education. His school/college may be very reputed and famous. He will be also interested in study of any management course or medical course (physician). He has deep knowledge of religious books. He may be interested in occult.

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