Sun And Saturn Conjunction In Fifth House

Sun and Saturn Conjunction in 5th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Saturn conjunction in 5th house we have to know about Sun in 5th house, Saturn conjunction in 5th house and Sun and Saturn conjunction.

2) Native may be lazy by nature but hard worker. He would like to work independently. He may be crocked by nature. He may be aggressive by nature and hot in tamper. He may be fickle minded and his mind is always full with conflicts.

3) Native may be ambitious and egoistic by nature. He may be quarrelsome by nature. He may be administrative minded and try to show off his power to others. He may be fix strict discipline for others but not for own self.

4) Native may has lack of happiness from kids. His kids may be suffering from health related issues. Native may be facing issues regarding child birth. It is known as Pitri dosh.

5) Native may be political minded. He may be getting success in politics. He may be criticizer of governments.

6) Native may has unstable professional life or jobs. He may has unstable financial conditions. He may facing conflicts with his boss or authority or governments. He may facing tax related issues with governments.

7) Native may be religious and having faith on traditional believe. He may be good reciter of mantra and well versed in mantra.

8) Native may be speculative by mind. He may facing loss via speculations. He may take wrong attempts in his life. He has bad moral conduct. He has conflicts with friends and relatives. He may facing humiliations.

9) Native doesn’t has a good relationship with father. His father may has hardship in his life. Even in his family, issues between father and son is possible.

10) Native’s health may be not good. He may be suffering from gastric or abdominal problem. He may be facing heart related issues. He may facing body pain or fever. He may be suffering from joint pain or bones related issues.

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