Sun And Ketu Conjunction In First House

Sun and Ketu conjunction in 1st house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Ketu conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Sun in 1st house, Ketu in 1st house and Sun and Ketu conjunction.

2) Native may thin and lean physique. Native may be looking tall and having reddish by color. He may has less hair. He may be natural leader and energetic by nature.

3) Native may be full with self respect and ego. He may be full with proudness. He doesn’t tolerance any body when try to crush his ego. He may be very panic regarding own personality. He may be selfish by nature or self centric. He may be hyper sensitive by nature.

4) Native may be independent by nature. Native may be harsh and rude in behavior. He may be hot from brain or hot in temper. He may shows his anger to others. He may be rigid by nature. He may be explosive in nature and extremely idealism.

5) Native may be facing child birth related issues. His father may be spiritual person. Native has lack of happiness from father. He may lives separate from his father.

6)Native may has issues regarding his health. He may has eye sight issues. He may be wear spectacles. His body has high heat. He may be suffering from fever and skin rashes. He may be suffering from pitta dosh. He may be suffering from head related issues. He may be suffering from dental or neurological issues. He may be facing accidents or body cuts.

7) Native may be spiritual from heart. He may has good faith on god but he may be criticizer of religious believes.

8) Native may be extremely independent by nature. He doesn’t like to serve others. He may be inclined towards rules over others. He may punished others when find their faults.

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