Sun And Ketu Conjunction In Fourth house

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 4th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 4th house we have to know about Sun in 4th house, Ketu in 4th house and Sun and Ketu conjunction.

2) Native may be philosopher by attitude. He may be spiritual from mind and interested in spirituality. He may be interested in occult.

3)Native may be full with self proudness and ego. He doesn’t tolerant any body who hurt his ego. Native may be criticizer from mind.

4) Sun and Ketu conjunction in 4th house is not consider good for native. Native doesn’t have happiness and comfort. Native has sad by nature. He will be facing difficulties to enjoying comfort.

5) Sun and Ketu conjunction in 4th house is not consider good for mother. His mother may has excess rigid and independent or bold nature. She may be doesn’t control by any body. Native may has thoughts differences with his mother. Native may be detached with his mother or separated with his mother. His mother has health related issues.

6) Native may has lack of comfort of his property. He may has loss of paternal property. His property has dispute with goverment or authority. Native may leave his mother land.

7) Native may has dispute with government or authority. He may be interesting in politics. He may be criticizer of goverment policy.

8) Native may be cheated by his friends and relatives. Native may has issues regarding child birth.

9) Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be hot in temper. He has lack of self confidence. He may be easily comes under influence of others. He may has eye sight issues. He may wear spectacles. He may be suffering from heart issues.

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