Effect Of Mars In Different Awastha

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Mars

1) Shayan awastha – When Mars in Shayana awastha, Native may be suffering from cuts & wounds. 

If Mars in 1st house, Native may be suffering from many diseases. He may be suffering from skin related issues such as pox, kushhtha etc.

Mars in 5th or 7th house, Native may be suffering from loss of his first child or wife. Mars in 5th house aspected by his enemy then he may loss either his ears or hands. 

Mars is associated with Saturn or Rahu  then it may cause cuts on his head. 

2) Upvaishan awastha – When Mars in Upvaishan awastha, Native will be wicked and involved in sinful person. He may be cruel minded. He may be wealthy but devoid from knowledge. This results may be same as written if Mars in 1st house.

When Mars in 9th or 10th house then it may cause destruction of all sorts of happiness things, specially wife and kids etc. When Mars is associated with auspicious, neutral or friend planet then it may gives auspicious results according to strength of Mars and other associated planet.

3) Naitrapani Awastha –  When Mars in Naitrapani Awastha in lagna then Native may be deformed eye sight. He will be either leave his ancient family or family leave him. He may be poor and suffering from many sorrows.

When Mars is placed in other than lagna house, he has all sorts of happiness. He may be lazy. He has fear from water and wild animals.

When Mars in 2nd and 7th house, he may be poor. His wife may be dead. His livelihood related to land.

4) Prakashan Awastha – When Mars in Prakashan Awastha, native will be rich. His satisfaction level is very low. Means he doesn’t satisfied for long term. He may be suffering from wounds or cuts in his left eyes.He may be suffering accident due to falling in dangerous ways. 

If Mars is associated with natural malefic then he will be involved in sinful acts. If associated with Saturn then involving in worst sinful acts just like killing of cow. 

If Mars in 5th or 9th house then his all sons and women will be not alive.

5) Agaman awastha –  When Mars in lagan in Agaman awastha, native will be lives out of his home town. He will be always suffering from sorrows. He will be doing low class acts. He has very good passions. He will be just try to look like women. He will be suffering from skins rashes, and skin related issues. His eyes has burning sensation just like fire. He will be suffering from head pain. He has pain on his teeth.  All this results is possible when Mars in 1st house.

But when Mars in other house then it may cause opposite to above results. He has many sorts of wealth. He is very skillful. He is faithful person of authority or king. He may be lazy from physical activities. He has general health. He is charitable. He will be enjoying materialistic happiness. He may be head person among people.

6) Gamana Awastha –  When Mars in Gamana Awastha then native will be suffering from wounds in body. He has quarrel with women. He may be suffering from piles or other such type of problem. He may be poor. He will be doing sinful acts. 

7) Sabhavas Awastha – When Mars in Sabhavas Awastha then native will be religious and having many sorts of property.

If Mars is excellent then Native will be too much satwic, charitable, having best qualities. He will be a great religious man. 

If Mars in 5th and 9th house, native will be deviod from fortune and learnings. He will be suffering from obstacles in every time. 

If Mars in other house then native will be honorable in society. If Mars is weak then in last time away from happiness of son etc. But if Mars has good Strength then Native has good happiness through children.

8) Aagam Awastha – When Mars in Aagam Awastha, Native will be very skilled and rich. His physical health will be always weak. He will be charitable. He will famous & fortunate and enjoying materialistic happiness.

9) Bhojan Awastha – When Mars is strong in strength then he will be interested in sweet foods. He will be always inclination towards mean acts. He may be facing humiliation. He doesn’t link with society. 

If Mars in 5th or 8th house in either Bhojan or Shyan awastha, native will be eating little foods. He is hot in temper. He is always full with excitment. He will getting profit of wealth. He may be suffering from death or serious injuries due to wild animals.

10) Nrityalipsa awastha – When Mars in Nrityalipsa awastha, Native will get wealth through king or authority. He may be charitable. He will be enjoying materialistic happiness, always happy and rich. 

When Mars in 12th house in Nrityalipsa awastha, then death of native’s son is possible.

When Mars in 8th or 9th house, Native may be suffering from many sorrows. It may cause loss of rightness and having fear of early death.

When Mars in 1st, 2nd ,7th and 10th house, it will give all sorts of happiness. 

11) Kautuka Awastha – When Mars in Kautuka Awastha, Native will has happiness of friends, sons, wife etc. He will be endowed with many sort of wealth. He has two wife and many girl children. 

When Mars in 5th, 7th, 9th and 8th house then effects will be opposite regarding above said statement.

12) Nindra Awastha – When Mars in Nindra Awastha, native will be poor and fool. He has very hot temper. He has not good moral conduct and bad person. 

When Mars in 5th, 7th house then native has many children and he has many type of sorrows. When Mars with Rahu in Nindra Awastha, Native’s 1st child will be destroy and suffering from sorrows. Other wise, native will be very rich, many women, charitable, many types of good qualities, disease in feet.

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