Effect Of Venus In Different Awastha

Effect Of Different Awastha Of Venus 

1)Shyana Awastha – When Venus in Shyana Awastha in lagan, native will be very angry in temper. He will be suffering from dental issues. He has in worst condition ( from status), poor and having many types of bad habits. 

If Venus in 7th and 11th house, native has all sorts of happiness and never suffering from financial issues. Native has many kids. As per as strength of Venus, native may has kids between 7 son to 5 daughter. 

If Venus in another house, native will be suffering from loss of his kids. He will be religious, rich& happy and getting honored by king. 

2) Upvaishan Awastha – When Venus in Upvaishan Awastha and strong in strength then native will be religious and rich. His right body limbs may be suffering from wounds etc. He may be suffering from joint pain. 

If Venus in own excellent sign, own house or friends house, native will always getting good happiness. He has profits of wife, wealth and children. 

3) Naitrapani​ Awastha – When Venus in 1st, 7th and 10th house in Naitrapani Awastha, native will be suffering from eye sights problems. 

If Venus in Naitrapani Awastha in 10th house, native will be suffering from poverty, even he is very rich though he lost all his money. 

Venus in another house in Naitrapani Awastha, native will be brave and government servants. He will visits many shrines. He will be honorable and having big house. 

4) Prakasham Awastha – When Venus in Prakasham Awastha, native will be scholar in poetry and music. He will be rich, religious and having many sorts of vehicles and diamond. 

If Venus in friendly sign or excelations or own house then native will be getting good post in king cabinets, specially when Venus in 10th or own house. 

If Venus in lagan, 7th, 2nd, 9th house then native will get fortune through king. 

In another house, Venus will cause many types of diseases.

If Venus in his debilitating sign, native will be suffering from a lots of traveling and  sorrows. 

5) Gamana Awastha – When Venus in Gamana Awastha, native will be suffering from loss of his mother. He may be suffering from migraine. He will be suffering from separation of own people. He may be sick in childhood. 

6) Agaman Awastha – When Venus in Agaman Awastha, then native will be suffering from disease related to his legs. He will be always very excited. He will be rich and skillful regarding crafts. He will be inclined towards religious visiting. 

7) Sabhavas Awastha – When Venus in Sabhavas Awastha, native will be faithful to king, rich, skilful in all works, but suffering from abdominal problems. 

When Venus is placed in enemy sign or associate with enemy or aspects by enemy then it may cause lost of all his materialistic wealth. He will be always suffering from disease.

8) Aagam Awastha – When Venus in Aagam Awastha, native will be suffering from loss of his wealth. He will be suffering from fear. He will suffering from loss of children and loss of sexual happiness. 

If Venus in 2nd, 10th, 4th and 8th house native has all sorts of happiness. We don’t consider any type of above loss. 

9) Bhojan Awastha –  When​ Venus in Bhojan Awastha, native has low abdominal fire. He will serve others. He will continuously getting more rich through business or authority service

10) Nrityalipsa Awastha –  When Venus in Nrityalipsa Awastha, native will be eloquent speaker and scholar. He will be poet, wealthy, honrable, sensual, and happiness of many women. 

If Venus in debilitation sign, native will be very idiot. 

If Venus in own house, excellent sign then native is dear to king and very powerful.

11) Kautuka Awastha – When Venus in Kautuka Awastha, native will has many sorts of happiness. He will has good knowledge of upcoming time or a good philosopher. He will be eloquent speaker. He will be very rich. He has many children and wife. He will be great satwic person. 

If Venus in his debilitating sign, results will be just opposite to above. He will be suffering from great sorrows.

12) Nindra Awastha – When Venus in Nindra Awastha, native always serving others. He will be criticising others. He will be courageous and talkative. He will be always destrube. 

If Venus in 7th or 8th house , it may cause destruction of  all sorts of happiness.

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