Mars And Saturn Conjunction In Sixth House

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 6th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Saturn conjunction in 6th house we have to know about Mars in 6th house, Saturn in 6th house and Mars and Saturn conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and energetic by nature. He may be full with physical and mental strength. He may be energetic person. He may be arrogant and rigid by nature.

3) Native may be argumentative and quarrelsome by nature. He may be criticizer by nature. He may be cruel and fraudulent by nature.

4) Native may has many enemies. He has fear and danger from his enemies. But native will getting victory over his enemies and brutally crushed his enemies.

5) Native may has very good financial management ability. But he may be suffering from financial crisis. He may be suffering from debits. He has issues or delay in loan repayment.

6)Native may facing legal issues. He may has dispute with his siblings regarding his property or land. Native may has dispute with his servants or employees.

7)Native may be hard worker. Native may be facing obstacles in his professional life. Native may be harassment at workplaces. He may be in technical or machinery jobs. He may be expert in mining or metallurgy. He may be doing jobs in real estate business. He may be earn via construction or contract related jobs. He may be doing jobs in police or force.

8) Native may has weak health. He may be suffering from incurable disease. He may be suffering from blood pressure, hemoglobin problem, gastric or body pain. He may be suffering from issues in his legs such as leg fracture. Native may be facing accidents or danger from weapons or fire. He may has sexual problem. He may be suffering from surgery.

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