Introduction Of Aries Ascendant

Simple fact about Aries or Mesh Ascendant

When ever at time of birth, rising lagna is aries sign then native belongs to Aries Ascendant. Let’s know what is meaning of Aries ascendant in the point of view of Jatak astrology or predictive astrology.

Meaning of Aries Ascendant

Native is born as Aries ascendant means your lagna has Aries sign. So Mars is also lagna lord for Aries ascendant. Let’s know about all 12 house of horoscope.

  • 1st house has Aries sign and its lord is Mars.
  • 2nd house has Taurus sign and its lord is Venus.
  • 3rd house has Gemini sign and its lord is Mercury.
  • 4th house has Cancer sign and its lord is Moon.
  • 5th house has Leo sign and its lord is Sun.
  • 6th house has Virgo sign and its lord is Mercury.
  • 7th house has Libra sign and its lord is Venus.
  • 8th house has Scorpion sign and lord is Mars.
  • 9th house has Sagittarius sign and lord is jupiter.
  • 10th House has Capricorn sign and lord is saturn.
  • 11th house has Aquarius sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 12th house has Pisces sign and lord is Jupiter.

 Functional Beneficial Planet for Aries Ascendant

Jupiter is most most beneficial planet for Aries ascendant because Jupiter is 9th house lord or lord of fortune house.

Sun is 2nd most beneficial planet for Aries ascendant because Sun is lord of 5th house.

Mars is 3rd beneficial planet for Aries ascendant. Many of you thing why Mars is not written in 1st because he is lagna lord but my dear friends, Mars has also lordship of 8th house which is a worst house in the horoscope. Ya being lagna lord it is not so much harmful.

Functional Malefic Planet for Aries Ascendant

Mercury is worst malefic planet for Aries ascendant because Mercury is natural enemy of lagna lord Mars and having lordship of two malefic house 3rd house and 6th house.

Venus having lordship of two marak house 2nd and 7th house so Venus is another malefic planet for Aries ascendant.

Saturn is natural enemy for Mars and having lord of 11th house which is consider badhak house for Aries ascendant so Saturn is also badhakesh for Aries ascendant. So Saturn is functional malefic for Aries ascendant.

Neutral Planet for Aries ascendant

Moon is consider neutral for Aries ascendant.

Body Physique for Aries ascendant

1st house belongs to body physique and here Aries sign. So Body Physique may be according to Aries sign. So Aries Ascendant, native may has medium height, radius colour, angular shape face and round eyes according to significant of aries sign.

Health of Native

Aries is a fiery sign so Aries ascendant native body’s has major constitutions of fire element (my mean Agni tatvas ki pradhanta). Main enemy of fire is water so mainly Aries ascendant may be suffering from Pitta (Fire + water) dosha.  So, generally native may be suffering from overheating, fevers, livers complains, skin rashes, ulcers, lacerations, operations, all sorts of acute complaints, hemoglobin problem. We know Aries symbol is ram and ram is fighting his obstacles from head. That’s why Aries ascendant may be suffering from head injuries. 8th house lord Mars (Scorpion lord) is karak of accident so Aries ascendant may be suffering from accidents type problem.

Nature and Behaviour of Aries Ascendant

Mentality of person belongs to 5th house and 1st house. 5th house has leo sign which is a fiery sign and 1st house has aries sign which is also a fire sign. So Aries ascendant people has aggressive and hot temper. Leo sign in 5th house make him proud full and egoistic. Combined effect of Mars (as lagna lord) and Sun (leo sign as 5th house sign) make him independent and brave from mentality.

Due effect of leo sign in 5th house, some times, native has fixed or adiyal behaviour but aries sign is movable by nature so in general ways he may has fickle attitude. He may be violentic in nature. He may be natural fighter. He may be Argumentative. He may be aggressive or excessive thinker.

He may be Scientific thinker. Aries are soft and emotional from inner heart (due to cancer sign in 4th house). He has good motivational qualities ( due to Mars quality). He may be ambitious ( due to leo sign in 5th house).

But He may lose stamina at last stage (I think due to mercury as lordship of 3rd and 6th house which is enemy of Mars) doesn’t support mars). So they are start work in aggressive way but doesn’t reach at finish point. But He may be good planner.

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