Introduction Of Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Ascendant Or Kanya Lagna

When at the time of birth rising sign is Virgo sign then native belongs to Virgo Ascendant. The lagna lord or Ascendant lord of Virgo ascendant is Mercury. Let’s know the meaning of Virgo ascendant

Meaning of Virgo Ascendant

  • 1st house has Virgo sign and lord is Mercury.
  • 2nd house has Libra sign and lord is Venus.
  • 3rd house has Scorpion sign and lord is Mars.
  • 4th house has Sagittarius sign and lord is Jupiter.
  • 5th house has Capricorn Sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 6th house has Aquarius sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 7th house has Pisces sign and lord is Jupiter.
  • 8th house has Aries sign and lord is Mars.
  • 9th house has Taurus Sign and lord is Venus.
  • 10th house has Gemini sign and lord is Mercury.
  • 11th house has Cancer Sign and lord is Moon.
  • 12th lord has leo sign and Lord is Sun.

Functional Beneficial Planet for Virgo Ascendant

Venus is lord of 9th house and 2nd house in Virgo ascendant. Venus is the only most beneficial planet for Virgo Ascendant. Venus is natural friend of lagna lord Mercury and it is lord of 9th house which is most beneficial trine. Also Venus Mooltrikona sign falls in 2nd house (which is considered as neutral house) so Venus is most beneficial for Virgo Ascendant.

Mercury is also beneficial planet for Virgo Ascendant. Mercury is lagna lord and its Mooltrikona sign is Virgo so it is beneficial planet for Virgo ascendant. Some says as Mercury is also lord of 10th house (so according to Kendradhipati dosha, it is malefic. So benefice (1st house) and malefic (10th house lord), so Mercury is neutral. But lord of 10th house is least malefic so it is beneficial because it has lordship of 1st house, which is also mooltrikona sign so increase its beneficial results.

Functional Malefic For Virgo Ascendant

Mars has lordship of two dussthan (3rd and 8th house) so Mars is malefic for Virgo ascendant. Also Mars is enemy for Mercury. So Mars is worst malefic for Virgo Ascendant.

Moon is lord of 11th house and also Moon is enemy for Mercury. So Moon is Malefic For Virgo Ascendant.

Jupiter is lord of 4th house and 7th house both are Kendra house so according to Kendradhipati dosha jupiter is malefic For Virgo Ascendant. Same time Jupiter is badhkesh for Virgo ascendant.

Neutral for Virgo Ascendant 

Saturn is lord of 5th house(beneficial) and also lord of 6th house (malefic) and same time Saturn is friend of Mercury so it is neutral for Virgo ascendant.

Sun is friend of Mercury and lord of 12th house so it is neutral for Virgo ascendant.

Marak for Virgo Ascendant

According to rule 2nd and 7th lord is Marak. So it is Venus and Jupiter. But generally Venus is doesn’t cause so harm for Virgo Ascendant. So Jupiter has main role of Marak. Also Mars will playing a lot bad role for Virgo ascendant.

Body physique for Virgo ascendant

Body physique depand on 1st house and its lord. Virgo is indicating tall and mercury short heights so generaly Virgo native are medium in heights. They are Charming in look (both Virgo 1st house and libra indicating fairness and charm in look). One things also notable in Virgo Ascendant is their unique and very attracting smile.

Health for Virgo Ascendant

Virgo is a earth sign and mercury is also a earthy sign so his body constitution has major role of earth element (Means bhoo tatvas ki pradhanta). So they are suffering from vatta & kapha dosha. As Mercury is lagna lord and it is indicating sama( mixed) dosha for Virgo native

Mentalities, Behaviours, Nature for Virgo native

Mentalities depends on 1st and 5th house. 1st house has Virgo sign which is indicating intelligent & inclined towards learning (Mercury quality). He may be practical from brain (due to earth sign quality).

5th house has capricorn sign which is indicating analytics quality of native. Virgo ascendant, native are perfections lover (means he doesn’t like faults). Virgo people has psychological problem due to his faults finding nature.

He may be fickle minded (due to Virgo sign which is dual sign at 1st house of brain, Sagittarius sign which  dual sign at lord of 4th house which belong to mind, and Capricorn sign in 5th house which is movable in nature).

His physical self confidence level may be low ( because Scorpion sign in 3rd house which is enemy for Virgo, Sagittarius shows lazy mind, Capricorn also indicated laziness). But his mental strength level increased later stage of life due to Aquarius sign at 6th house( 6th house belongs to mental strength but due to saturn lordship he takes time to improve mental strength). That’s why he will be slow worker (Also due to their analytic mentality which directed him thinking before working). Virgo ascendant may be philosopher. He may be doordrista so he may be thinking and assuring matter before done it. (Doordrishti).

Virgo ascendant may be very sensitive by nature ( his mind sagittarius has fire sign shows mind is aggressive but mentality house has Capricorn sign which has water quality (don’t confuse here Capricorn has some water quality) make them sensitive and volatile in nature. But Capricorn has earth quality so Virgo native can control over his emotions.

Mercury is lagna lord and it is natural karak of speech, 2nd house speech house has libra sign  so Virgo are sweet in speech & soft spoken having shrill voice. Mercury is also karak of communication, 3rd house has scorpion sign make him good in argument. But this argument quality has very soft way and pleasing in sound (libra effect). One another thing is found in Virgo native, he will try to live hygienic way of life. He try to live in clean surrounding and clean cloths ( all this are mercury effect).

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