Mars And Ketu Conjunction In Fifth House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 5th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Ketu conjunction in 5th house we have to know Mars in 5th house, Ketu in 5th house and Mars and Ketu conjunction.

2)Native may be brave and adventurous by nature. He may be full with ego and proudness. He may be full with false ego. He may be natural fighter. He may be energetic person. He may be talebearer.

3)Native may be short temper in nature. He may be aggressive in nature. He doesn’t excess thinking on any matters, just do that action. Some time due to such type of action, he may be suffering from problem.

4) Native may has issues regarding child birth. He may facing trouble regarding child birth or having late child birth or getting child by surgery. Native’s kid may has health related issues. He may has dispute or detachment with his kids. If Mars and Ketu is not well placed then cause miscarriage or loss of kid.

5) Native may be fickle and restless mind. He may be good in calculation but not so much intelligent. He may be emotional by nature. He may be explosive by nature. He may be taking mental stress.

6)Native may has cruel mentality. He may be evil minded. He may has revenge taking attitude. He may be try to punish others on their faults. Specially if any body hurted him then react in violent ways.

7) Native may has materialistic approach towards life. He may be sensual by nature. He may be gambler and his risk taking capacity may be very good.

8) Native may be religious and inclined towards mantra sakti or tantra sakti. He will choose aggressive ways of worship.

9) Native may be suffering from blood pressure. His body has excess heat. He may be suffering from skin rashes. He may be suffering from hemoglobin problem. He may be suffering from abdominal or liver problem. He has danger from fire. He may be suffering from cuts or accidents.

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