Mars And Ketu Conjunction In Tenth House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Ketu conjunction in 10th house we have to know about Mars in 10th house, Ketu in 10th house and Mars and Ketu conjunction.

2)Native may be brave and energetic by nature. Native may be adventurous and aggressive by nature. Native may has good physical strength. He has tendency to take action very quickly. He will be always ready to do any sort of courageous action.

3) Native may be short temper and full with self proudness. He may be egoistic by nature. He has tendency to show off. He has cruel mentality. He may be interested to listing own compliment. He may be clever and smart but use his smartness in immoral act or bad deeds. He doesn’t has good social behavior.

4) Native has good name and fame. He may be assumed as powerful person in society. Native may be natural fighter and natural leader. He will try to get forward position from his competitor. He may get fame for his wonderful action. He may be very bold in nature and famous for his braveness.

5) Native may be working in force, military or police. He may be doctor or engineer. He may be working in administration department or electric department. He may earn via real estate. He may has unstable professional life. He doesn’t satisfied with own profession. He may has many sorts of obstacles in his profession.

6) Native may has issues with his siblings. Native may facing loss or dispute related to his parental property. He has gambling tendency.

7) Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from blood pressure. He has excess body heat. He may has skin rashes. He may has issues with goverment or police.

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