Moon And Mars Conjunction In Twelfth House

Moon and Mars conjunction in 12th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mars conjunction in 12th house we have to know Moon in 12th house, Mars in 12th house and Moon and Mars Conjunction.

2) Native has charming and attractive personality. He has good and royal house. He has luxurious lifestyles. He has descent speech. Native has good self respect. He may be kind and emotional.

3) Native hasn’t broad minded. He may be selfish from nature. He may be aggressive by nature. He may be short in tempar. He may be brave and expert in war tactics but use his braveness in wrong direction. He will use power to crush others.

4) Moon and Mars combination in 12th house is not consider good for marriage life. Native may be sensual by nature. He has high sexual desires. He may be interested in another woman. He doesn’t has good moral sense. Husband and wife may has quarrel or fighting. His wife may has health related issues. If Mars and moon is badly affiliated in chart then may cause separation or divorce or death of wife.

5)Native has materialistic approach towards life. He has a lots of travelling. He may has foreign travelling. He may get success away from his home land. He may be suffering from financial crisis or loan.

6) Native may be fraud. He may be involved in immoral acts or wrong acts or criminal activity. He may be suffering from legal problem. He may be cheated by his own employees. He may be suffering from humiliation.He has to face blaming. He may be suffering from jail like situations.

7) Native may be religious or spiritual minded. He may go for religious travelling. He may be charitable.

8) Native’s mother may be aggressive and straight forward in nature. She has weak health. Native’s brother may lives in different place.

9) Native may be suffering from dental or eye sight related issues. He may be suffering from insomnia or lack of sleeping happiness. He may be suffering from mental stress and head pain. He may be suffering from seasonal flu and fever. He may be suffering from gastric. He may be suffering from liver problem. He may facing surgery of head or abdomen. He may be facing loss of body limbs. He may be suffering from blood pressure or hemoglobin problem.

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