Moon And Mercury Conjunction In Fourth House

Moon and Mercury conjunction in 4th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mercury conjunction in 4th house, we have to know about Moon in 4th house, Mercury in 4th house and Moon and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and having attractive smiles. He may be kind and charitable. He has good manners and respectable nature. Native may be respected person. He may be famous and fortunat. He has good social fame.

3) Native may be sharp minded and intelligent. He may be expert in calculations and tricks. He may get higher education. He has good learning capacity. Native may has good logical ability. He has scientific thoughts. He may be good mathematician. He may be good astrologer.

4)Native’s mother may be intelligent lady. Native may has good attachment with his mother. He has thoughts differences with his mother. Native may live away from his mother. His mother’s health may be weak.

5) Native may has good materialistic comfort. He has own house, vehicles and others conveniences. He may get maternal property. He may has agricultural property.

6)Native may be restless from mind. He may be fickle minded. He may be emotional by nature. He may be argumentative and quarrelsome by nature.

7)Native may has good speaking ability. He has good understanding of words. He may be capable to influence others by own speech. He may be polite in speaking. He may be a good salesman or representative. He may be good diplomate. He may good comedian. He may be good criticizer.

8) Native may has good friends and relatives. He may get help from his friends and relatives. If not well placed then cause blamings and cheating.

9) Native may has many sorts of travelling. He may travelling to near watery place. He may has travelling to foreign place.

10) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be flirty by nature. He may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may has breathing problems.

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