Fourth House Lord In Second House

Effect of 4th house lord in 2nd house

1)Before knowing the effect of 4th house lord in 2nd house, we have to know about Fourth house and Second house. As 4th lord is placed 11th from own house, so you may also read First house lord in 11th house.

2)4th lord is placed in11th from own house( 2nd house). 11th house represent upachaya (growth) and profit house for 4th house. So, 4th house lord in 2nd house is indicating gain of natural significance of 4th house.

3) 4th house belong to happiness and 2nd house belong to wealth. So, native will use his wealth for happiness and conveniences. Native will enjoying all sorts of conveniences. In simple word, native may get good happiness and pleasures.

4) 4th house also belong to happiness from servants and happiness from vehicles. So, Native may get happiness from servants and vehicles. Or in other words, native will expenses his wealth to get comfort of vehicle and servants.

5)4th house belong to property and real estate, so 4th house lord in 2nd house may be indicating native may accumulate land and properties. Or native may earn wealth through real estate. Native may has many house for living.

6) 4th house lord in 2nd house is indicating, native may get all sorts of materialistic happiness. Native will expense his money to accumulate matterialistic conveniences. He loves to expense his money for getting conveniences. So, native may be fortunate regarding money matter.

7)4th house belong to education and 2nd house belong to pre primary or oral education, so 4th house lord in 2nd house may give natural inclination towards studies. Native has good education and always try to get more knowledge or inclination towards gaining his knowledge. It may also indicating, native may earn through his education.

8) 4th house belong to mother and 2nd house belong to wealth. So, 4th house lord in 2nd house is indicating native may get maternal property. If 4th house lord is affiliated in 2nd house, than cause health issues his mother. As 4th house is belong to mother land and 2nd house is for speech, so native may be well versed in his mother tongue.

9)4th house is 3rd from 2nd house, so 4th house lord in 2nd house makes native brave and courageous in speaking. One other factor is 4th house is for educational quality and 2nd house for speech or words. So, 4th house house lord in 2nd house is indicating, native has good educational quality with good command of words. So native may has natural quality to communicate through his huge words power. So native may be good oratory power.

10) When 4th house lord with 2nd lord in 4th house, native may be very fortunate regarding his wealth and conveniences of life. Native has huge gain property. Native has own vehicle and own house. He may be very courageous in speaking and good education. Native may expense his wealth on family and conveniences of family.

11) If you want to know about effect of planet in 2nd house, you may read Planet in 2nd house.

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