Moon And Mercury Conjunction In Twelfth house

Moon and Mercury Conjunction in 12th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mercury conjunction in 12th house, we have to know about Moon in 12th house, Mercury in 12th house and Moon and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may has charming physique and attractive smile. He may be decent in speaking. He may be kind in nature and full with self respect. He may be emotional and sensitive.

3) Native may be good speaker. He has good understanding of words. He has scientific thoughts. He may be philosopher. He may be unstable on his words. He may be false speaker. He may facing issues in his studies.

4)Native has good and royal house for his living. He has luxurious lifestyles. He has huge expense. He may be good comedian or poet. Native may facing financial problem in his business.

5) Native may be intelligent but doesn’t use his intelligence in proper direction. He doesn’t has broad mind. He may be fallen in moral sense. He may be thinking a lots. He has unnecessary thoughts in his mind. He may be fickle minded. He doesn’t use his mind at right time and right place.

6) Native has many travelling. He has foreign travelling. He may get success away from his home land. Native may be religious and spiritual from mind. He may go for religious tour. He may visiting shrine near to his holly river.

7) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be flirty in nature. He may be involved in immoral activity. He has polluted thoughts. He may be involved in illegal relationship.

8) Native may facing blaming. He may facing humiliation and suffer from defame. He may facing insults by others. He may be cheated by others.

9)Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from cold & cough related issues. He may be suffering from digestive problem. He may be suffering from skin issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem. Native may be suffering from psychological problem. He may be suffering from insomnia.

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