Meaning Of Number Two

Meaning of Number Two or 2

1)Number 2 belongs with planet Moon. So number has natural significant of Moon. Any person born on date of 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month, belongs to number 2.

2)Number 2 belongs to Moon so number 2 will show kind and cool attitude. He may be mentally active and full with emotions. He may show affection towards others. He may naturally attracts others by his appearance and looks. He has natural interest towards arts and music. He may be imaginative from mind.

3) Moon is fickle minded so number 2 has fickle attitude. He may be restless and having lack of self confidence. He doesn’t stable on his own findings. He may be confused by nature and lack of decision making ability. Others can easily influence him by taking faith to him. His life may has interference of his friends, family and relatives. Some time he may be cheated by his close person.

4) Above point doesn’t mean number 2 people doesn’t has stable mind. Yes they have stable mind. But above point shows loss on trust. In general, he may be strong minded. He has many own idea. He can also guids towards new inventions. But doesn’t choose forceful attitude to carry forward their own idea.

5) Number 2 may be good in friend making. He has carrying attitude towards his own people. He may be helpful for own guys. But his friends may be selfish. He will show attachments towards others but he has issues with own husband. He has very good attachment with own husband but even though conflict may be their.

6) Native may be travel lover and wandering in nature. He can’t stay any place for long time or he can’t stay on same work for long time. He needs twist in his life. He has lack of passions.

7) By reading above points, you can think that Number 2 may be mentally weak. But He may be mentally so much strong. Even he can know what is running in your mind. But then question arises how can any one cheat him, then answer is trust. Trust is his original enemies.

8) His favorable number date is 2nd, 11th, 20 and 29. His lucky days is Monday. Another favorable day are Sunday, wednesday, Friday. His friends number will be 1 and 5. He may be comfortable in relationship with number 2,6 and 9.

9) His lucky colour is white or cream colour. His favorable colour will be green. They should avoid dark shade colour such as dark red, black and purple. His lucky stones will be pearl. His another favorable stones are moon stone, pale green jade.

10) Moon is watery elements. So number 2 people may easily comes under influence of season or climate change. He may be suffering from cold and cough related issues, He may be suffering from lungs related issues. Ge may be suffering from hormonal issues. He may be suffering from digestive problem such as gastric etc. He may be suffering from mental stress.

11) He may getting success in profession related to Moon such as milk and milk product, agriculture and its product, herbs, sea and sea related product, cattle and cattle product. He may getting success in travelling or travelling related profession. He may be success in work related to his natural talents.

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