Meaning Of Number Three

Basic Meaning Of Number Three or ”3”

1)Number 3 belongs to Jupiter. So Number 3 has quality of Jupiter. Any person born on date 3rd, 12th, 21th and 30th of any month then he belongs to number 3.

2) Jupiter belongs to growth and Success. So number 3 may be very ambitious and want to continuous growth. He may has huge self respect and doesn’t want to take any sort of any help from any body. He may be independent by nature. He has desires to command on each and every thing of his life. He always look forward in his life. He has good sense of humors.

3) Jupiter is minister in royal court of king who deals every affairs related to politics and others policy related matters. So number 3 people has tendency to agree everybody on their words and also try to make sure to follow their orders. He may be very dutiful. He may be good administrative ability just like an officer. Even to ensure benefit he can be just like dictator and can break rules & regulation or established procedure. Means in single word what he said may be rules. But it doesn’t mean he can break social morality and harm others.

4) Jupiter is karak of prosperity and auspiciousness. So number 3 can bring success in his life. Native with number 3 can get good success in his life or profession. He may be achieved highest position in his life. His idea may bring success in his life. But to complete his idea, he has may to struggles more.

5) Jupiter is karak of knowledge. So number 3 people may be interested to gaining knowledge. He has good knowledge and may be scholar. He may be popular among own circle due to his knowledge. He may be good philosopher.

6) Number 3 people may be suffering from financial crisis in his initial stage. But later due his own knowledge and ability, he can get good prosperity. He may has multiple source of earnings.

7) Number 3 people are not quarrelsome by nature. But his attituded to run his own idea make many sort of enemies in his life. They has many friends. But at time necessity, he doesn’t get help of any of his friends. Even his friends can take benefit from him. I can say that he doesn’t has any true friends. He may getting victory over all his enemies.

8) Number 3 people may be getting success in administrative jobs. He may be getting success in advisor or counselor or lecture. He may be getting success in judiciary field. He may be head of any trust or religious or charitable institution. He may be getting success in politics.

9) Number 3 has lucky day is Thursday and other favorable day are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. His lucky number will be 3 and other favorable numbers are 1, 2 and 9. His love relationship will be good with 6 and 9.

10) His lucky stone be pukhraj or yellow sapphire. He can also wear amethyst. Another substitute are citrine, tiger eye or yellow hakik. His lucky colors is yellow. As per as western astrology lucky colors is purple or violet. His another favorable colors are blue, red or crimson.

11) He may be suffering from throaty infection or dumbness. He may be suffering from cholesterol related issues. He may be suffering from neurological problem. He may be suffering from physical and mental stress due to over work load. He may be suffering from body pains.

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