Impact Of Date Of Birth 10 Or Personality Number 10

Effect of Numerology on people born on 10th day of any calendar month 

1) Any people born on date of birth 10th day of any calendar month then his Personality number will be 10. Number 10 is made from number 1 and 0 and its total will be 1. So, some time it is represented by 10/1. Number 1 belongs to Sun. So people born at 10th day of calendar month has huge impact of Sun in his life.

1 + 0 = Number 10

SUN + Multiply the power of Sun = Powerful Sun

3) Native may be independent by nature. He may has good self proudness. He may be ambitious by nature. He may be brave and courageous by nature. He has strong mentality and will power. He has good leadership quality. He has sound health.

4)Native may be wise and intelligent by nature. Native may be kind and helpful in nature. He may be friendly and large hearted by nature. He may be emotional by nature. He may be skilled full in business. He may be all rounded in nature. He may be stand up for people’s right.

5) Native may be aggressive by nature. He may be active and responsible but doesn’t follow any sort of restriction. He has firm and rigid nature. He show harsh attitude. He may has jealousy with friends and relatives. He may has modern attitude. He never fix ownself in any boundaries. He may be not follow family responsibility.

6) Native will be centre of attraction due to their activity. He has good administrative capacity. He has clear cut approach towards any point. He has good public support. He may be famous and popular. He may getting victory over his enemies.

7) Native may has good success in his life. He may be power seeker. He may has good interest in high level politics. He may be good inventions. He doesn’t get help of others when he needs. He may be creative by nature. He may be motivated towards own goals.

8) Native born on 10th day of any month can be getting success in administration jobs, goverment contract or goverment jobs, politics, social activity, public dealing jobs. He may be getting success in medical stream or jobs. He may be success in sells. He may be getting success in gold business. He may be getting success in planning or decision making committee.

9) Native may be suffering from blood pressure or mental stress. He may be suffering from fever or head pain. He may be suffering from bones related issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem.

10) Number 10 has favorable day is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. His favorable date is 1, 10, 19 and 28. His supportive number is 2, 3, and 9 so date having total number is 2, 3, 9 may be also supportive for him. His supportive month will be 21 july to 28 Aug( when Sun transit to leo sign) means Leo transit solar month.

11)Native’s lucky stone will be Manik or ruby. His another favorable stone are yellow sapphire or yellow topaz or amber or sun stone or yellow diamond. His metal will be gold or copper. His lucky color will be saffron or orange. His favorable colour is light yellow or bright yellow or bright white.

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