Impact Of Date Of Birth 15 Or Personality Number 15

Effect of Numerology on people born on 15th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 15th day of any calender number will be belongs to number 6 and his Personality number will be 15. 15 number is made from number 1( Sun) and number 5( Mercury) and its total is 6( Venus). So Number 15 has quality of 1, 5 and 6. We can say that internal power of Sun and Mercury converted to Venus. Mercury is friend of Venus but Sun doesn’t be friend of Venus. So some time sun and venus quality may oppose each others. Otherwise all 3 are supportive to each others.

Number 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

Sun + Mercury = Venus

Internal power of Sun and Mercury = Converted to Venus

2)Native may be handsome and attractive by personality. He may be keep own self well mentioned. He has good sense of humours of colour and dressing. He may be good and attractive communicating styles. He may be ambitious by nature. He may be kind and helpful by nature. Native may be friendly and soft from nature.

3) Native may has leadership quality. He has good & strong mentality and strong will power. He may be very confident when addressing any one and having awesome way of presentation of any matters. He may be very good negotiator. He may be famous and popular in own circle.

4)Native may be powerful and wealthy. Native may be comfort and pleasure lover. He may has luxurious lifestyles. He loves arts and music. He may be money minded. He has desires to become rich. He has also desires to getting any things first.

5) Native may be intelligent and clever. He may be skillful. He has very good calculative ability. He has clear cut thoughts. He may be quick and active by nature. He may know others thoughts and feelings. He may be internally rigid and independent by nature.

6) Native may has good success in his life. He may be very good and clever in planning. He may be very good in creative and imaginative work. He has microscopic views on any matters. He has very good risk taking ability. He may be very good in marketing.

7)Native may be internally proudfull and egoistic by nature. He may be hurted by own criticism. He may be jealous and revenge taking attitude. He has many hidden enemies.

8) Native may be getting success in architecture, fashion industry, designer, ornaments and clothes business. He may getting success in dance or music related profession. He may be getting in success in finance or banking or money related business such as stock market, sells, insurance, banking etc. He may be getting success in writing, books, communication related field, post office, telecom, postoffice, trading business, etc. He may getting success in administration jobs, goverment contract or goverment jobs, social activity, public dealing jobs. He may be getting success in planning or decision making committee.

9) Number 6 may be suffering from diabetes. He may be suffering from diseases related to sexual organs. He may be suffering from disease related to anus or kidney stones. He may be suffering from throat. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from blood infections. He may be suffering from mental stress or neurological issues.

10) His lucky number will be 6. His another favorable number will be 5, 3 and 9. His favorable day will be friday, wednesday and tuesday.

11) His lucky stone will be diamond. Another lucky stone will be opal, zercon. Another favorable stone will be panna, firoza, white pukhraj. His lucky colour will be bright white. Another favorable colour will be light yellow, rose or pink, light green shade of colour.

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