Moon And Ketu Conjunction In Second House

Effect Moon and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd house

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon and Ketu conjunction in 2nd house we have to know about Moon in 2nd house and Ketu in 2nd house and Moon and Ketu Conjunction.

2) Native may has fair color and attractive looks but his face shows harsh out look. Native may has some cut mark on his face or suffering from pimples. He may be facing sun burn or skin allergies related to face.

3) Native may be tale bearer. He can start speaking in respected ways. He may shows off his philosophical thoughts and idealistic speech. He may be full with false ego. He may be rigid on his words and very sentimental towards his way of speaking.

4) Latterly he may start speaking in harsh ways. He may be unsocial in speaking. He may be criticizer and doesn’t take time to tell others faults. He may disclose others hidden truth or hidden matters in very harsh or embarrassing ways.

5) Native may be quarrelsome from nature. He may be short from temper and explosive from nature. He may be creating panic and unnecessary destructive thoughts. He may show excess emotional nature.

6) Native may has large family. His family may be reputed in society. But his family may has lack of domestic peace. His family members may has dispute with each others. Native may be detached with his family members. He may be separated with his family.

7) Native may has unstable financial conditions. He may be earn from hospital or religious work or occults or electricity or wire related works. Native may has some natural artistic talents. He may be suffering from fishing or frauds or cheating. He may has loss through goverment or tax related matters. He may be suffering from debits.

8) Moon and Ketu conjunction in 2nd house is not consider good for his mother. His mother may has weak health. She may be suffering from mental stress. She may be spiritual lady. Native may has thoughts differences with his mothers.

9) Native may be suffering from eye sight problem. He may be either less speaking or speaking problem. He may be suffering from mental stress or depressions. He may harm own self or some times having suicidal tendency. He may be suffering from high blood pressure. He may be suffering from worms. He may be suffering from pimples.

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