Moon And Ketu Conjunction In Ninth House

Effect Of Moon And Ketu Conjunction in 9th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon and Ketu conjunction in 9th house we have to know about Moon in 9th house, Ketu in 9th house and Moon and Ketu Conjunction.

2) Moon and Ketu conjunction in 9th house is known as grahan dosha or Pitru dosha. So, Moon and Ketu in 9th house is not consider good for native regarding many aspects of life such as happiness of children or relationship with father.

3) Native may be religious from nature. He may be attached towards his family traditions or rituals. He may be visiting religious shrine situated near to bank of river. He has good knowledge of ved, vedanga and others religious books. He may be spiritual person. He may be inclined towards tantra or mantra shakti.

4) Native may be fortunate and having good property. But his financial condition may be unstable. Native may has good name and fame in the society. Native may be capable to influence public by his own communicating styles.

5) Native may be emotionally attached with his father. He may be respect his father, but he may has thoughts differences with his father. Moon and Ketu conjunction is not consider good for his father. Native’s mother health may be weak. She may be religious from nature. She may be suffering from joint pain. Native may has issues regarding child birth.

6) Native may be going to foreign regarding his higher studies. Native may has many sort of travellings. He may has foreign travelling. He may be cheap in expense.

7) Native may be brave and courageous from nature. He may be full with mental capacity. But he may be emotional and short temper from nature. He may be sensitive from nature. He may be full with false ego. He may lose his passions frequently.

8) Native may has panic nature. He may be taking mental stress upto high level. He may be suffering from depression. He has to do meditation to avoid negative results.

9) Native may be suffering from high blood pressure. He may be facing blood infection. He may be frequently suffering from pimples or skin rashes. He may be suffering from pimples.

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