Sun And Venus Conjunction In Second House

Sun and Venus Conjunction in 2nd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus Conjunction in 2nd house, we have to know about Sun in 2nd house, Venus in 2nd house and Sun and Venus Conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and having natural attraction on his face. He has beautiful eyes. Native may has good respect in society.

3)Native may has mild voice but his voice has leadership quality. His voice shows his proudness and ego. He may be shameless in speaking. He may be good in poetry.

4) Native may be wealthy and rich. He may belong to rich and royal family. He may has luxurious comfort. He has happiness of servants and vehicles. He will be getting parental property.

5) If Sun and Venus is well placed then native may earn with help of governments. He may earn with own self efforts and hard work. He can earn with help of woman. If not well placed then loss of wealth due to government.

6) Native’s wife may be egoistic by nature. Her father may be rich and powerful person. Native and his wife may has ego problem. Native may be sensual by nature. Native may has more girl children.

7) Native’s family may has issues or dispute in family due to money matters. He may has mental stress due to his multitasking ability.

8) Native may has eye sight issues. If Sun is not well placed then native’s voice may has stammering.

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