Sun And Saturn Conjunction In Second House

Sun and Saturn Conjunction in 2nd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Saturn Conjunction in 2nd house we have to know about Sun in 2nd house, Saturn in 2nd house and Sun and Saturn conjunction.

2) Native may has magnetic attraction on their face. He may be average in looking. He may be looking older than actual age.

3) Native may be egoistic and proud full in nature. He may be shameless and harsh speaking person. His voice may be stammering. He may be natural criticizer. He may be crooked by behavior.

4) Native may has struggling life. He has a lots of hardship in his life regarding earnings means no easy money. He may getting success in his life after 35 year of age. He may getting many opportunities but not able to catch it. He may taking wrong attempts. He would like to work independently.

5)Native may has issues with his boss. He may suffering loss due to authority. He may facing tax or money matters dispute with governments. He may earn via mining or government contracts.

6) Native’s family has issues with in family members. He may be facing dispute regarding parental property. His father may has hardship in his life. Native may has misunderstanding with his father. Native can join his father’s business.

7)Native may be political minded. He may be join politics. He may be facing mental stress. He may has issues in his marriage life or issues with wife. He may be facing issues regarding child birth.

8) Native may has eye sight problem. He may has oral or mouth related issues. He may be suffering from gastric. He may be suffering from fever and body pain. He may be suffering from bones related issues.

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