Sun And Rahu Conjunction In First House

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 1st house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Sun in 1st house, Rahu in 1st house and Sun and Rahu Conjunction.

2) Native may has charming and attractive personality. He may be smart and expert in copy others. He may be thin and lean by look. He has less hair and reddish look. He may be ambitious by nature and very proud full by nature. He may be very independent by behavior. He may be lazy in attitude.

3) Native may be rigid in nature and steady in behavior. He may be selfish by nature. He may be hot in temper. He will shows his anger to others. He will punished others on their faults. He may be very clever from mind and cunning from brain. He has fickle minded and changed as per as situations.

4) Native may be political minded. He may be natural leader and fully energetic. He may be false speaker. He may be wicked & crooked from inner heart. He may be expert in frauds and cheating. He may be impatient and doesn’t like to loss any fight.

5)Sun and Rahu conjunction in 1st house is consider as Pitru dosh or grahan dosh. So it is assume that native’s life has a lots of obstacles and struggles in his life. Native may be suffering issues regarding child birth. It may cause for miscarriage.

6) Native and his father may has misunderstanding. Native may lives away from his father or separated from his father. His father’s life may be struggle full. His grandfather may be reputed person but native’s father is not able to enjoy the prosperity of his father. Native’s father health may be weak.

7) As Sun is karak of our internal vitality and it is conjunct with Rahu in lagan so native may has weak health. His internal vitality may be weak. He may be frequently suffering from fever or gastric related issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem. He may be suffering from dental or mouth related issues. He may be facing issues related to bones.

8) Sun is karak of head or brain so native may be suffering from head or brain injury. He may be suffering from migraine or head pain related issues. He may be suffering from neurological issues.

9) Native may be suffering from psychological issues. He may be suffering from hysteria related issues. He may be suffering from hidden disease and frequently visiting from one doctor to another doctor.

10) Native may has issues with his boss or authority. He may be suffering from issues regarding his promotions. He may be suffering from tax related issues with authority.

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