Mars and Jupiter Conjunction In Ninth House

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 9th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Jupiter conjunction in 9th house, we have to know about Mars in 9th house, Jupiter in 9th house and Mars and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be fortunate and powerful person. He may be rigid and egoistic in nature. He may be endowed with good qualities.

3) Native may be religious by nature. He may be inclined towards religious activities. He may has good knowledge of spirituality. He may be religious or spiritual speaker or guru. He may be famous among public due to his religious speech.

4) Native may be rich and wealthy. Native has all sorts of physical & materialistic happiness. Native may be getting parental property. He may earn a lots from property. Native may be advisor of king or minister.

5) Native may has very good knowledge. He may be clever in action. He may be expert in ved & vedanga and other vidhya. He may be expert in use of weapons or war tactics. His voice has natural power to command public. Native may be aggressive and logical communicator. He may be expert in “how to use the words”. He may be famous for his knowledge & wisdom and religious activity.

6) Native may has many children. Native’s children may has good fortune. Native may be fortunate, famous and popular through his kids luck.

7) Native’s father may be powerful person. His father may be kind in nature. Native may has good relationship with his father. Native will respect his father. His father may get respect in society.

8) Native’s sibling may be reputed person. Native has good relationship with his siblings. His siblings may be fortunate regarding materialist happiness.

9) Native may be hardworking by nature. He may be getting success in his own efforts. He may be adventurous by nature. Native may has foreign travelling.

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