Effect Of First House Lord In Sixth House

Effect of 1st House Lord In 6th House

1)Before knowing the effect of 1st house lord in 6th house we have to know about First house and Sixth house.

2) 6th house belongs to Warfield. So results of 1st house lord (Lagnesh) in 6th house is depending on strength of Lagnesh In simple word, if Lagnesh is capable to fight within battlefields then it may gives good results or if Lagnesh doesn’t has strength to fighting then gives worst results. Capability of Lagnesh will be depending on strength or placement of lagnesh in 6th house. As a lots of factor we have to check for judgement of strength of Lagnesh. In general way it is consider if Lagnesh in 6th house is placed at own sign, excellent sign or in friends sign then it may consider well placed but if Lagnesh is in debilitated, enemy sign or in neutral sign then it is consider bad placed. So results may be in two ways depending on strength of 1st house lord in 6th house.

3)6th house belongs to mental strength so if
a) Lagnesh is well placed then native has good mental strength. He may be brave, courageous, sharp minded.
b) If Lagnesh is badly placed then native may has weak mental strength. Native may has not so much boldness in nature. He may has unnecessary fears. He doesn’t has sharp mind.

4)6th house belongs to disease so when 1st house lord is placed in 6th house then it’s give direct impact on native’s health because 1st house belongs to health. So
a)If Lagnesh is well placed then native has disease free life. He has good physique and also good physical strength or stamina.
b) If Lagnesh is weak in strength then native may be suffering from so many disease. Native may has weak physique. He doesn’t has good physical strength or stamina.

5)6th house belongs to debit so a well placed Lagnesh is indicating native may enjoy debits free life. But ill place Lagnesh is indicating native may be always in debits. If well placed Lagnesh then native may give debits or if weak Lagnesh then native may take debits. But it is also indicating native’s all debits may dissolve during Lagnesh Dasha.

6)6th house is indicating enemy. Lagnesh in 6th house is indicating fighting with enemy so if Lagnesh is strong then native will get victory over his enemy. But if Lagnesh is weak then native may defeat by his enemy. So well place Lagnesh is indicating winning in competitions and badly placed is indicating loss in competition.

7)6th house belongs to obstacles and Lagnesh always want success so 1st house lord in 6th house is indicating native may facing obstacles in success. So when Lagnesh will be strong then native has power to destroy his obstacle of life path and weakly placed lagnesh is indicating suffering to get success in his life path.

8)6th house belongs to legal matter and medical line so Lagnesh in 6th house is indicating native may has relationship with this field. So native may be lawyer or may be doctor or in paramedical field or any other medical line. One other indications is native may facing legal issues or any type of medical problems.

9)6th house belongs to service house so native may be in service. Now it’s depend on strength of Lagnesh which quality of servant you are.

10)If 6th house lord also with 1st house lord in 6th house then it is not consider good. Because just assuming You are in battlefield and your enemy is also strong then you have more change to get injured. So when 6th house lord with 1st house lord in 6th house then native may face health problems, skin issues, loss through government or problems with authority. He may be suffering from unsuccessful life, legal problems or financial problems. He has defective physical constitution. He may facing accidents, injury through weapon, or trouble with cousins. But if 6th house lord is friend of Lagnesh then conditions may be not so much bad.

11)In simple words we can say that if Lagnesh is strong then evil effect will be reduced and if Lagnesh is weak in 6th house then 6th house down the good effect of Lagnesh and improve evil results.

12)6th house belongs to battle field so native may be working in army or force. If it is established relationships with mars then chance may be more to joining force.

13)As Mars in 6th consider very auspicious so when Mars in 6th house with Lagnesh then it is considered very auspicious just like rajyog. Native may be very courageous and brave. He gets name & fame, success and position in his life. He may be surgeon. If Sun also makes relationship with this combination then chances may be more to become surgeon or doctor.

15)If Sun and Venus/Jupiter in 6th house with Lagnesh then native may be doctor or in medical stream. Because Sun is belongs to medical stream.

16)Rahu with Lagnesh in 6th house may cause problems related to 6th house.

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