Impact Of Date of Birth 19 Or Personality Number 19

Effect of Numerology on people born on 19th day of any calendar month 

1) Any person born on 19th day of any calendar month than his personality number will be 19 and belongs to number 1. Number 19 is make from number 1 and 9 and his total is 10 and final total of all number is 1. So Number 19 has natural quality of number 1 and 9 and number 1 has more effect 19. So we can say internal power of Sun and Mars is finally converted to power of Sun. So definitely 19 number has more effect of Sun.

Number 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1,

Sun + Mars = Double power of Sun = Sun,

Internal power of Sun and Mars = Converted into power of Sun

2) Native may be brave and courageous by nature. Native may be adventurous and energetic by nature. He may be all rounder. Native may has strong will power. Native may has strong mentality. He may be kind and large heated person. He may be clear & clean heart.

3) Native may has independent nature. He has strong passions. Native may be ambitious. He may be full with self proudness and excess ego. He never fix own self in any sort of boundaries.

4) Native may be strong on his decision. He never roll back his decision on any matters. He has clear cut approach towards any matters. He never comes under any sort of pressure. He never accept others advice or suggestions.

5) Native may has awesome leadership quality. He has multi dynamic and complex personality. He may be centre of attraction. He may be powerful. He may be popular among public as a leader and having good public support. He has ability to express any things in very well manners. He has unique & original thoughts. He has modern attitude.

6) Native may be frank in action and nature. He may be aggressive and hot in temper. He likes changes and transformation. He may be interested in gaining political post & power. He doesn’t like own criticism in any matters.

7)Native may get good growth & success in his life due to his active and action oriented nature. He has unstable fortune and financial conditions. He will fight till end of any matters means natural fighter. He has many sort of enemies in his life. He may get success over his enemies and crush his enemies.

8) Native born on 19th day of any month can be getting success in administration jobs, police or force, goverment contract or goverment jobs, politics, social activity, public dealing jobs. He may be getting success in medical stream or jobs. He may be success as religious leader. He may be getting success in planning or decision making committee. He may be getting success in lawyer, metals, real estate or war or war materials work.

9) Native may be suffering from blood pressure or mental stress. He may be suffering from fever or head pain. He may be suffering from bones related issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problem. Native may be suffering from chicken pox or others pox related disease. He may be suffering from abdominal problem. He may be facing cut or wounds related issues, urinary infection, piles, or skin disease.

10) Number 19 has favorable day is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. His favorable number is 1 and 9.

11) Native’s lucky stone will be Manik or ruby. His another favorable stone are yellow sapphire or yellow topaz or amber or sun stone or yellow diamond or red coral or red moon stone. His lucky color will be red. His favorable colour is light yellow or bright yellow or orange.

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