Aquarius Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology


Aquarius Ascendant native will be doing sinful acts in secretive ways. His body physique is just like watersport. He will be experts in giving answer of any attacks. He will suffering for long term in his life path. He has very little wealth. He is greedy in nature. He may be suffering from financial up & down in his life. He has desire of others wealth. He loves perfume and flowers.

Jatak Parijat

Native born as Aquarius Ascendant, he will be crooc from inner heart. He will be inclined towards others women. He will be greedy in nature. He will be fraudulent in nature. He will be wealthy.


Aquarius Ascendant will be involved in wicked acts in good ways. He will be head of his Kul or clan. He will be idiot. He has sharp and charming nose. He has base mentality. He is full with anger on other. He will be lazy person. He loves to enmity. He will be dissatisfied from heart. He will be fond of gambling and base women. He will not helpful for his relatives. He will be always sad and unsatisfied from heart. His financial condition may be full with up&down. He will accumulate money. He will be talebearer. He will be crafty. He will be poor. He will lost his relatives. He may dishonour in society such as he has forced to exit from society. He has not good mentality. He has desire of others wealth. He will get wealth, he will get honour from Guru,he will get bed pleasure.

According to Satyacharya Aquarius Ascendant is not auspicious and yavnacharya also go with this but Chanakya is not consider Aquarius Ascendant as inauspicious.


Aquarius ascendant native is the leader of his family. He commits many low deeds. Tip of his nose is splayed. He is tall and black man who is independent of his friends and relatives. He is a lazy and irritable pennon who is fond of quarrels. He is a thirsty man who enjoys women, gambling, and harshness. He doesn’t know about purity,auspiciousness, and restraint. His wealth declines and increases. He has phlegmatic and windy temperament. He has a bad reputation whose people are numerous and clever.His kinsmen and elders are dead. He may be assumed ill by others. He is a slanderous and envious person. His prosperity is ruined and who has no money from his family. He is honored by his cruel brothers. He has lazy and jealous sons enjoy the ways of rogues and arc enemies of the weak. They are quarrelsome and harsh and do the work of women. He takes no pleasure in righteousness(dharma) in their actions and who are despised.He is a traveler with many extravagances who possesses a hoard. He is afflicted by phlegm diseases in the heart; a man who dies because of women, anger, lightning, fire, water, or heat, or because of sicknesses in his belly.


Aquarius Ascendant native is royal by nature. He is fickle minded. He has steady friendship. He has enough foods and wealth. He will be angry in temper. He is greedy regarding sexual relationship with others women.

Bhavratan Ratnakar
1. For both Aquarius and Leo ascendant natives, the association of the 9th and 10th lords doesn’t confer any rajayoga.

Logic – But it is not seems true. Combination of 9th and 10th lord is cause famous Dharma karma adhipati yog. I think actually for Both Leo and Aquarius ascendant 9th house lord is yogkarak but 10th lord is functional malefic for Ascendant. Venus is functional malefic for Leo and Mars is functional malefic for Aquarius Ascendant. So it may be possible the yoga is not 100℅ benific but doesn’t work, it is not possible. Effect of Rajyyog must be their but efficiency may be low in comparison of other ascendant.

2. If Venus and Rahu are in lagna with Sun in Scorpio, yoga will be caused in the dasas of Rahu and Jupiter.
Logic – Rahu with yogkarak Venus in lagan and Rahu in own house so it is yogkarak for native.

3. If Sun and Mars are in Virgo, the native suffers during their dasas. The Mercury dasa will be better.

Logic – Sun and Mars is functional malefic and placed in 8th house so their dasha will be bad. But Mercury dasha is good because it’s occupy two center lords.

4. Jupiter in lagna with Saturn in Pisces will see mixed results during the Jupiter dasa and an ordinary time during the Saturn dasa.

Logic – Exchange between 1st and 2nd house lord is making Dhan yog. But it is not good regarding health purpose.

5. If Saturn and Venus are in Sagittarius, the Venus dasa proves fortunate.

Logic – Saturn and Venus combination is making Dhan yog and Rajyyog. And Venus as yogkarak with lagan lord may produce good wealth and name and fame for native.

6. A Sun-Mercury-Jupiter combine in Aries is good, especially during the Sun dasa when the native enjoys power.

Logic – Sun is 7th house lord and excellent in 3rd house with 11th and 5th house lord so it is indicating good name, fame and power

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