Mercury And Jupiter Conjunction

Effect Of Mercury And Jupiter Conjunction

1)Mercury and Jupiter both are key planets for study, knowledge and education. So Native may has good education. He has natural inclination to get more and more knowledge. So native may has multiple degree of different stream or same stream. He may be getting education in science stream.

2) Mercury and Jupiter both are key planet for intelligence and wisdom so native may has very good intelligence and same time wise. So native may be very clever and very good manager.

3) Native may be sincerer from thoughts and may be a very good philosopher. He may be eloquent speaker. His personalty has sincerer touch.

4) Native may be interested in entertainment. He has inclinations towards outing, film, dance, playing etc.

5) Native has many girlfriends. He has may reputed friends. He may has affairs and if not well placed then cause for blaming due to his friends(sexual blaming).

6) Native may has good materialistic comfort. He may be wealthy. He has good commercial property. He may has good knowledge of handling money.

7) Native may be religious by nature. Native will always gets a good guru or teacher or adviser for his learning purpose.

8) Native may be natural lover of environments. He loves to serve tree or garden or planets.

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