Meaning of Number Six

Meaning of Number Six or Number 6

1) Number 6 belongs to Venus. So Number 6 has venus qualities. People born with date number 6, 15 and 24 belong to number 6.

2) Venus is natural karak of attraction. So number 6 people may be handsome and attractive personality.  Number 6 has natural magnetic attractions. Number 6 attracts others just like honey attracts bee. He may be centre of attraction in any gathering.

3) Number 6 may be fully materialistic by nature. He may fashionable by nature. He has good sense of humours about colour. He loves luxurious lifestyles.

4) Number 6 may be sensual by nature. He may be emotional by nature. He may be rigid in nature. He may be jealous by nature. He may easily comes into depression when his desires is not full filled.

5) Number 6 may be imaginative minded. His mind is full with many sort of plannings. But he doesn’t able to execute his planings. Means his planing is just like air bubbles but if he get support of number 3 or 9 then his planes may be execute on earth.

6) Number 6 may be social by nature. He may be friendly in nature. He may know how to use others for own profit. But he not believed to cheat others.

7) Number 6 may has average marriage life. He doesn’t has happy marriage life. He may has issues related to property and wealth.

8) Number 6 lucky number is 6. His another favorable number will be 5, 3 and 9. In vedic astrology Rahu is friends of Venus, so number 4 is keep as friends of Venus, but weston seems 4 has negative Sun so they doesn’t take 4. As per as my belive 5, 3 and 9 we have to choose as another favorable number. His best relationship number will be 3 and 9. His favorable day will be friday, tuesday and thursday.

9)His lucky stone will be diamond. Another lucky stone will be opal, zercon. Another favorable stone will be panna, firoza, white pukhraj. His lucky colour will be bright white. Another favorable colour will be blue, rose or pink shade of colour.

10) Number 6 may be getting success in food and hotel sector such as restaurant or food outlets. He may be getting success in architecture, fashion industry, designer, ornaments and clothes business. He may be getting success in flower or perfume business. He may getting success in dance or music related profession. He may be getting in success in finance or banking or money related business.

11) Number 6 may be suffering from diabetes. He may be suffering from diseases related to sexual organs. He may be suffering from disease related to anus or kidney stones. He may be suffering from throat. He may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from blood infections.

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